Do you need cheap tracking – moving of various materials across the Bratislava and its surroundings, the whole Slovak Republic, the whole EU?
Do you need to transfer bad, cupboard or any kind of furniture in length 5 meters?
Easily to transfer any goods from Hornbach, Bauhaus, Mobelix, XXL Lutze or other shoping centers?
Then you are on the good address.. We have best prices in the Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Can’t believe? call us  for communication in English language please call +421 903 170 26411 556 292
Taking reservations from 7.a.m until 10.p.m   /7 days a week/
Dimensions of truck Length - 4,40m 
                                      Hight - 2,10m 
                                   Spread - 2,10m
Services  - Tracking and Moving in Bratislava and its surroundings, the whole Slovak Republic, the whole EU
                                 - Transportation of building materials
                                 - Transportation of Furniture
                                 - Transportation of any goods and materials from the shopping centers
                                 - Load until 3,5 t



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0911 556 292
+421 911 556 292
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